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EDSBY - Student Gradebook

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Welcome to Broward Elementary School

(813) 276-5592
Home of the Tigers
Principal: Angela Livingston, Ed.S.
Assistant Principal: Troy Henson
School Mission:
Broward Elementary will recognize each child's talents and channel him/her toward excellence in becoming a successful and responsible citizen.

School Vision:
Every Broward Elementary student will reach his/her potential for success.
Character Education Statement
Students will know what it means to be of good character and will focus on those traits daily.
Students will practice the three R's: Respect, Responsibility, and Right Choices.
Character Motto
Respect builds character;
Character builds individuals
Individuals build the world.

Broward Events
5/14 Spaghetti Dinner
PTA event! Call the office for more information! (813) 276-5592
5/25 Memorial Day
6/5 Last Day of School
Last Modified: May 11, 2015